Solace Pro Shop was founded in 2017 by Kelly Solano, a mid-thirties mom, businesswoman, entrepreneur and designer. 

 Kelly is a mother of two.  As busy as the life of a mother of two can be, she quickly realized the importance of staying fit and focused on her health and well-being to better take care of herself and her family. 

As a result, she designed the SolacePro insulated water bottle carrier. It just made perfect sense- a purse, baby bag, gym bag, kids and water bottle to carry. These are essentials that everyone must have (okay, maybe not the baby bag and kids), but we all have a whole lot of baggage and stuff to carry (physically and emotionally) so why not make it light and easy? 

While our story may unique, the world now more than ever has allowed for such a story to be possible. We love to share experiences, either through workouts, motivational quotes or #solacepro moments to hopefully inspire others to forge a similar path. Follow us for inspiration and updates. 

We are in it to win it. We are not interested in venture funding or being acquired. We have been profitable since day one and we intend to keep that going. And we owe it all to our amazing family and customers. Thanks for your continued support!